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Established 1998 British and Latvian Shareholders 4 Relocation specialists and 10 fully trained moving and packing experts. Multi Lingual relocation and packing Staff: Latvian, Russian, English, French, Belgium, German, Dutch. Full Coverage for packing and moving of Lithuania – Latvia- Estonia from our Baltic Head Office located in Riga airport.. Warehouse’s and offices in all 3 Baltic countries Multi Lingual moving van drivers. Zebra Friendly Movers the only Latvian Relocation Company to be certified ISO 9001-2008 All packing and moving Staff fully trained and security vetted. Secured warehouses with guards and alarms. Limited liability insurance coverage for professional packing Zebra Friendly Movers Packing and Moving company Mission statement:- Our mission: Since its founding in 1998 the employees of Zebra Friendly Movers made a promise to our customers that we would remain consistently committed to provide our customers with the highest quality service, at a fair and equitable market price. We will endeavor to improve all aspects of our business and maintain our commitment to being a good corporate citizen in every community in which we operate.


Your company takes care that the office and its equipment matchmodern business dynamic environment demands. In the customer's eyes itreflects the company's values and image. You have foundnew, more spacious, and modern office space. You must move.The office administrator has received the task of arranging this process.Boxes. Where to get cardboard boxes, where to put all the documents?Computers. They also need to be moved. Tables. Who will dismantle them and theninstall back? Transport. Well, it would be possible to find transport somewhere.But loading? Our office men are strong, could help,but every day there are already scheduled meetings. With own forcesit will take too much time and energy. Zebra Cargo highly appreciateany moving work. Attitude is based onthat in the result of moving work customer receive more thanis expected in the beginning. We want to pleasantly surprise customers. Wewant to do every moving job better and in good quality as much as possible. We believe that quality is notjust only an offer, but it must be practically deliverable.


Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers agent will meet with your officeadministrator. Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers agent will askquestions about office equipment and equipment that need to be moved tothe new premises. Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers representative will evaluatethe number of movable belongings that must be moved. Agent will developindividual moving offer to make this movingwork more efficiently and conveniently. In the day of the office moveat the agreed time, in your office will arrive Zebra team, whichwill pack stuff, disassemble necessary furniture, loadin the transport for safe transfer. In the new office premises ZebraCargo Friendly Movers team will unload transportable items, assemblefurniture, and put them in their place. As a result, youremployees can perform their pre-planned tasks orjust relax and have a chat together in a cafe. ZebraCargo appreciates every moving job. Attitude isbased so that because of moving work, the customer receivesmore than initially expected. We want to pleasantly surprisecustomers. We want to do every moving job more qualitative and better. We believe that quality is notjust only an offer, but it must be practically deliverable.


We bought a new apartment. It's charming! Although weplanned to buy accessories that would fit into the new apartment`saura, there are so many belongings that need to be moved from the currentapartment. Furniture, dishes, lamps, washing machine, Chineseporcelain set, paintings and much more. Just loadin the car and transport? Unable. Not safe! Load and carry? This isembarrassing. We need help moving our belongings so wecould focus on more important things.


A representative of Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers will meet and see yourmovable items that you want to transfer to your newapartment. Assessing the number of movable items, our consultantwill develop an individual moving offer. In the daywhen items will be moved, Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers team will arrive atYour home and carefully pack movable belongings. Movableitems will be loaded into the transport so that they are fully safe,and nothing would be scratched or damaged. Movableitems will be brought to your new apartment, installed whereYou've planned it. Of course, used packing materialswill be collected so that your apartment is clean and beautiful. If there will beindividual things that you would like to unpack yourself some other day,then you can safely call Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers later totake the remaining packaging material from you. As a result, youhave successfully moved to your new home. It was not difficult,and you didn't waste any energy. You will be happy for Zebra CargoFriendly Movers polite and helpful team.


I like to accept new challenges. New job offerin Hong Kong is exactly what I need. But I want thatmy family and I feel just like at home. It is necessary to move ourpersonal items - favorite armchair, books,clothing. The list is long. I wish it all will be in safehands. In addition, the first month I will take business trips and I will nothave time to immediately furnish new housing. Movable belongings shouldbe stored somewhere until I have free time.


A representative of Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers will meet with you and listenYour wishes. Our representative will assess the number of movable itemsand will develop an individual offer. Offer will bedeveloped in collaboration with Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers agentsin Hong Kong, which will carry out import customs formalities, delivery of movable items,unloading and installation of belongings, packaging wastematerial collection. Offer will include detailed logistics,moving service plan. In the day of packing, Zebra CargoFriendly Movers team will carry professional packing of movable items so that they are in complete safety throughout the transportationtime. After the belongings will be packed, they will be placed in Zebra CargoFriendly Movers storage room, where they will be in guarded security,until you are ready to receive them in Hong Kong. When Youwill send a message about sending items, Zebra Cargo Friendly Movers will performloading of transferable belongings, export customs formalities and dispatchnecessary documents for both you and your agent in Hong Kong. ZebraCargo Friendly Movers agent in Hong Kong will contact you and performdelivery, done unloading and installation of things at a convenient time for you.As a result, your personal belongings have been transported to Hong Kong. Nothingis broken. Looking out the window and looking at the night life of Hong Kong, you feel safe and pleasant. You are at home.


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Packing and transportation services of personal belongings (Riga,Latvia, Baltics & other parts of the world). Office machinery and equipmenttransportation. Packaging materials. Storage of belongings.Insurance.